Such Beautiful Berries!

The sun is shining on the South Coast and  we are picking the most beautiful berries.

 We’re growing a wonderful variety bred for the Queen's Jubilee year, it's called Centenary and the first berries are HUGE.


 These stem, or King, berries are going in a special pack for Waitrose. We are so careful with them, we even cut them from the plant with little snippers so they arrive in store in as good a condition as they possibly can be.


 Nick says the cool nights and bright days are wonderful for fruit size and firmness. I say, YUM, give them to me NOW!

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First Fruit is the Sweetest

We're a little bit behind our original production schedule but we should be picking strawberries in volume next week. Here's a sneak preview - the very first of our 2016 Centenary strawberries!


In the sixteen years we've been farming strawberries, Nick has always presented me with the first berry of the season. Yesterday, after a crazy morning running around like a loon, I was delighted to come back to my office and find this beauty on my desk.


Reader, I ate it. IT WAS DELICIOUS.


Yours, The  Farmer's Wife. 






Storm Katie: Just when you think...

Just when you think you're through the winter storms along comes a late one. A really late one. We called a halt to tunnel building as soon as we knew Storm Katie was on the way,  but about half were already up. Nick stalked BBC weather with a heart rate rising and falling in line with the predicted wind speed.


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Spring has sprung!

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Blogs and Boggy Dogs.

I can tell spring is here - I 'm here trying to spruce up the farm website and  I've had a lovely walk with My dog - and both of them have ended up in a boggy mess!


My blog seems to have deleted itself so I've lost all my past posts! I thought I'd saved them to a file but no, I wasn't that clever.


Then my dog got all hot and bothered out on our walk and decided he needed to cool off in the ditch.Obviously a day for tidying up!


Mind you,   at least  it is a beautiful day! Bring on the sunshine - Nick is counting lumens - measurements of light - and rubbing his hands together with glee . Thank goodness for that! Happy St. Davids day everyone!



The Farmer's Wife


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Environmental Policy


Haygrove Sidlesham is committed to sustainable agriculture. You can read our full Environmental and Integrated Pest Management Policy below.

Environmental & Integrated Farm Management Policy 2017
Hayrove Sidlesham Inegrated Farm Managem
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