Accommodation is available in on site mobile homes for all seasonal staff, it is only available for people who work here. We can not accommodate people who do not work on the farm.  It is not, however, a condition of work that workers live on the farm.


We do not have space on the farm for residents to park their cars and parking is not available in our village. For this reason you may not bring a car to the farm.


There is a daily charge for accommodation and resident workers must agree to to the accommodation rules.


It is very important that we have a happy and safe farm camp for everyone and the rules are strictly applied.


 For more details information about accomodation and working conditions download the Worker Information File below.


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Environmental Policy


Haygrove Sidlesham is committed to sustainable agriculture. You can read our full Environmental and Integrated Pest Management Policy below.

Environmental & Integrated Farm Management Policy 2017
Hayrove Sidlesham Inegrated Farm Managem
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