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Worker Information for Haygrove Sidlesham Ltd,  Keymer Brook Farm 2017


This document should answer most of your questions about working at Haygrove Sidlesham, Keymer Brook Farm. If there is anything else you wish to know, and you cannot find it on our website, please email kathy@strawberryfox.org 

Description of the farm

Keymer Brook Farm is located in the south of England,  producing  strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. All crops are grown in a substrate growing system in glasshouses and polythene tunnels. Strawberries are grown on table top systems in glasshouses. The farm is on the South Coast near Chichester where there are rail links to Portsmouth, Brighton and London. Chichester is a market city with good shops, cinemas and leisure facilities. The farm is only 5 km from the sea where there are good beaches in the summer.

Keymer Brook Farm grows and packs soft fruit for British supermarkets using the best techniques and varieties available. We are a hard working farm with a focus on quality and productivity. Our aim is to give our workers a good opportunity to earn money and gain friends and experience in a safe and disciplined environment.


Please do not travel to the farm in your cars/vehicles. There is no space on or near the farm for you to park vehicles.


Description of the Accommodation


The accommodation is in mobile homes on the farm. All mobile homes have cooking facilities. Some mobile homes are fully self contained with toilets and showers others do not have a supply of hot water or toilets so you will need to use separate toilet and shower facilities (See below). You will be allocated accommodation on arrival which may or may not be self contained. Rooms have two single beds with mattresses and wardrobes to keep your belongings in.There is also accommodation suitable for couples with double beds. Participants should bring a sleeping bag and any pillows/blankets needed. There are showers and toilets available in a separate block. All mobile homes have kitchen facilities which include a gas cooker, fridge, cooking pots, cutlery, crockery and table and chairs.  All caravans have a television and there is a portable DVD unit which may be borrowed.

 There is a laundry area with washing machines and tumble dryers, there is no charge for the laundry facilities but abuse of these may result in individuals being stopped from using them. There is a recreational cabin which has a mini gym and pool table. Occasional discos/parties/bbq’s will be put on by the employer. Free internet access and wi-fi for people who have their own notebooks or tablets.  Mobile homes vary in size and accommodate 4 - 6 people and normally 2 people share a room.  All participants must provide and cook their own food.  Any damage to accommodation or facilities may be recovered at cost from wages.

Please bring waterproof clothes, good work shoes/boots and bedding including a warm sleeping bag.


Good social behaviour is expected by the farm, anti social behaviour in the accommodation will not be acceptable. All residents must agree to the farm rules regarding social behaviour and use of accommodation facilities.


Wireless internet access is available.



-RENT: £6.00 a day

-TOTAL: £42.00 per person per week. This includes 50 pence electricity and 50 pence gas allowance per week per person.

-GAS is measured weekly. You pay for what you use above the basic allowance.

-ELECTRICITY: is metered. You pay for what you use above the basic allowance.


The type of work available at the farm includes the following:



All work at Haygrove Sidlesham requires people who are physically agile and with good hand/eye coordination, who are able to move quickly for up to 8-10 hours per day. If you have or had leg or back problems you may not be suitable for this type of work. Good eye sight is essential. This is physically demanding work.

- Strawberry picking in modern heated glasshouses on table top systems to make picking easier. Raspberry and blackberry picking in glasshouses and tunnels with advanced varieties and systems  to make picking easier and faster. 

- There will also be strawberry and raspberry planting, tunnel construction, pruning, fruit packing, irrigation installation and maintenance.

-The overall area worked is 1.1 hectares of strawberries under glass, 5 hectares of raspberries in polytunnels, and 2.05 hectares of glasshouse raspberries.


Work Times


Work is normally available 7 days a week with days off scheduled across the week to suit production demands. During peak weeks you may work 6 and sometimes 7 days per week. At other times of the year you will normally work 5 to 6 days per week. During very poor weather it is possible you may work less than 5 days per week.  


You will usually work 6-10 hours per work  day.




After your initial induction day there is a 2 week period for you to learn to achieve the necessary levels of quality and productivity. During these 2 weeks you will be supported by your team leader and supervisor who will give you continuous technique training and advice. After your first 2 weeks you will be expected to achieve at or above daily productivity targets (norms) which you are given by your supervisor.


Most people are able to exceed the daily targets but if you do not achieve the daily productivity targets (norms) you will be given additional training and support. If you consistently fail to achieve targets you may be subject to disciplinary action and ultimately loose your job. 




In 2016 average gross weekly earnings for fruit pickers who worked for 5 to 6 months was £321/week. In peak weeks in 2014 the average increased to £418/per week and went down to an average of £237/week in off peak weeks.


**Weekly gross earnings can not be guaranteed and depend greatly on the ability of the picker and the level of crop production. These are average figures and some people earn more and some less than figures given*


Pay rates are set in accordance with the National Minimum Wage. Hourly pay rates are £7.05/hour for over 21 year olds and £7.50/hour for over 25 year olds. Overtime is paid after 48 hours per week.


Piece work rates are based on the above hourly rates.


Getting here:


How to get to Keymer Brook Farm by coach from London: visit www.nationalexpress.com






Upon arrival at Chichester Coach Station, telephone the farm and arrangements will be made to collect you. Be sure to tell the farm that you are at the COACH station.


If you fly to London Gatwick airport you will be able to get a train to Chichester from the airport station.


Please do not arrive later than 10pm.



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Environmental Policy


Haygrove Sidlesham is committed to sustainable agriculture. You can read our full Environmental and Integrated Pest Management Policy below.

Environmental & Integrated Farm Management Policy 2017
Hayrove Sidlesham Inegrated Farm Managem
Microsoft Word Document 136.0 KB